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Boot Camp and Client Testimonials

Our monthly Boot Camp is a fun filled day of learning and sharing ideas from dedicated professionals from all over the nation. Each attendee is welcome to record their very own safety message for their team or simply choose to speak on any subject. We will send you the recording to give your teammates an idea of how powerful custom content can be.

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Client Testimonials

Over 250 schools and more than 15,000 drivers are being trained, tested, and tracked using SafePUPIL's online Learning Management System.

"Fayetteville Public Schools Transportation Department uses the Safe Pupil program not only in our Annual In-service meetings but in our day to day running of our Department. We assign new drivers the Safe Pupil Program right away to help them become more familiar with different rules and regulations of driving a School Bus and how to conduct themselves with children, parents and other staff.

Safe Pupil is a GREAT training program that our drivers find very easy to use.

I personally enjoy the updates that Safe Pupil provides me when staff members complete each program and when new programs are added. Safe Pupil also provides wonderful informative webinars at no extra charge. The Safe Pupil staff is very helpful and is a great bunch of people."

Trisha Labit
Fayetteville Public Schools

"We here at the Pottsville School District, would like to thank Vertical Alliance for offering us the Safe Pupil training modules. We have seen a lot of training videos, but none with the ability to quiz the drivers after viewing, then keeping a record of their participation in the training modules as we have here with Safe Pupil. I have a valuable tool in being able to monitor and access drivers training records in just a few key strokes. Training time that would require them coming to the shop for a sit down lecture type meeting, has been simplified into a computer based training module that they can access from home, and view the video several times if they miss a portion, or review it for any reason. Our participation has been wonderful, the drivers like the informative short videos that get to the point. We can print off a certification of completion for their records, and offer them a copy of the certificate to take home. We have utilized Safe Pupil for several years now, and are completely satisfied with the customer service we receive from their staff."

"I highly recommend this training program to all school districts."
Ray Cynova
Transportation Supervisor
Pottsville School District

“I have enjoyed using Safe Pupil videos for several reasons…. The program is easy to use, time efficient, and videos cover the whole gamut of what a Bus driver “Needs to know”! I also like the fact that as Safe Pupil develops and adds videos to their menu, they are offered to be added to our site at NO EXTRA CHARGE. It is hard to get very many drivers together at once to view other individual videos (such as DVR’s), and with Safe Pupil each driver can watch independently at his/her own pace……. Or I can assign certain videos with a completion date. Finally, I have found Safe Pupil to be very well worth the money, you can’t beat that!!”     

You can post my contact information for a reference.

Mike Hagan
Transportation Director
Brady ISD

“SafePupil has been very beneficial to us at White Oak ISD. Safety of our children is our number one priority. SafePupil provides our transportation team with reminders, through their webinars and modules, of our role in this process. We are constantly trying to improve our department and SafePupil helps us tremendously.” 
Scott Stagner,
White Oak ISD
Transportation Supervisor

“Clark County R-1 Schools uses SafePUPIL for in-service training for its bus drivers. SafePUPIL could not be easier for our drivers and transportation director to use, and the District receives instant documentation of the training with reports, and each driver receives individual certificates of completion. SafePUPIL training modules are timely and relevant and provides effective, required training. Coupled with in-district training, SafePUPIL is an excellent choice for bus driver training.”
Martha Ewart
Clark County R-1 Schools

“Thank you, and your group at Vertical Alliance, for the great Safe Pupil driver training program. Programs such as this has been long over-due and your continued advancement of new and innovative additions to the program are exciting and fresh.

In as much as it is our belief that nothing should replace face-to-face driver training, Safe Pupil is an effective and valuable addition to our Transportation Staff Training program. Having the ability to schedule training modules to the entire group, or to schedule individuals a specific training module to improve their knowledge and understanding, is an invaluable tool. It is enhanced by the included feature of maintaining permanent records of all of the trainings completed in the Safe Pupil program.

Our staff appreciates the quality of the training modules as well as the ability to study independently in the comfort of individual personal settings.

Lewistown Public Schools Transportation Department thanks you for your vision and your commitment to assist us in the training of our transportation staff; to help them be safe and effective school bus drivers. ”
Kathleen Schaeffer,
Driver Trainer,
Lewistown Public Schools Transportation Department

“I’ve used a lot of Training Material in my career and I have found Safe Pupil to be among the best. The ease of use for the Drivers and the detailed reports for me, make it the most cost and time saving way to train. You can even use it for Safety Meetings and In-service Training, plug in the lab-top go on line pick a subject and you have training. Safe Pupil takes something has important as training, made it easy and time saving, cost effective and relevant for our needs. Their service and support are 2nd to none and they are a great partner in Transportation Training.”
Roy Davis,
Transportation Director,
Puxico R-8 Schools Puxico Mo,

“Froid School bus drivers and administration have found this program an excellent way to meet the requirements by our state and also an excellent learning tool.
Thanks again for your continued updates and assistance.”
Roger E. Britton,
Froid Public School

“ using the CDL Tutorial program we are able to turn folks out in days instead of weeks. Safe Pupil is a wonderful investment!” 
Norma Fives,
Administrative Assistant,
Conroe ISD

Fire bus burining.Life-Saving Safe Emergency Evacuation DVD Training Proves Value A new school bus, just added to the fleet, caught fire on October, 27 2009. The driver was able to safely evacuate all students. The driver attributed this to the recent emergency school bus evacuation training his supervisor had purchased from SafePUPIL.
Talmadge Fries,
Transportation Coordinator,
Jenkins County BOE

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