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Video Library:

Please Preview a Sample of Our Training Videos.

For nearly a decade, our firm has developed, compiled and acquired the most comprehensive safety training library available. (Nearly 300 Videos) All of the material is designed to keep your driver team at the highest level of professionalism and awareness. Tested and user friendly, our system is compatible with today’s latest smart phones, notebooks and desk top computers. The training modules are usually under 10 minutes in length with a short test at the end to increase comprehension. Our catalog is ever expanding as we release new content and information constantly. Link : to the Content Outline.


Please Preview a Sample of Our Monthly Webinars.

Unlimited access to our monthly “Best Practices Webinar” and Library. With nearly 30 titles available, subjects include; “Bullying”, “Accident and Reporting”, “Bus Battles”, “Suicide Prevention” and “Routing for Dollars”. Experts from all over the nation have shared their experience and time, providing critical insight to issues and presenting real solutions.

Access to all future video upgrades and new content releases.

All future new video training content, monthly webinars and re-releases will be added without additional charges.

Monthly Boot Camps:

Please Preview our Monthly Boot Camp Testimonials.

As a club member, we welcome you to our SafePupil Monthly Boot Camp! This action packed, day-long event will cover and explain our proprietary Learning Management System. Assign driver learning modules, track and provide third party time stamped records, create custom video content and more. The boot camps are held in the Vertical Alliance Group offices at 300 E. Royal Lane, Suite 119, Irving, TX 75039. To sign up, see our posting for the current dates available and register.

Driver Recruiting:

Do you need school bus drivers? As a member, filling your empty seats has never been easier. We wrote the book on driver recruiting! WWW.USSCHOOLBUSDRIVER.COM is your recruiting solution.

How Do I Get Started? Simple:

  • Call us today! (877) 792-3866 Ext 877
  • You supply us with your driver qualifications such as pay and benefits.
  • Add any other information potential drivers should know about your district.
  • We will create an ad for the district, school or company that includes your logo / branding and job postings with descriptions.
  • Potential candidates can then send in an application to the link of their choice. Collecting applications is easy for everyone.

Safety Wall of Fame:

Earn your way on to our “Safety Wall of Fame”. Reduce accidents and incidents and we will share your story with other members nationwide.

Quarterly DVD:

A Free, information packed DVD (Title of our Choosing) will be mailed to you each quarter, providing you with timely, current, relevant content.

All for $877.00 per year or $99.00 per month!

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