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Sample Content Preview From Our Monthly Webinar Library

SafePupil has been hosting monthly Best Practices Webinars in our continuing efforts to stress the importance of safety training and help our users derive the maximum benefit from our system.

Our audiences are growing and the feedback is very positive about our monthly Webinars. Below are a few samples of our Webinars to preview:

Routing for Dollars – Tim Ammon

In our April 2014 SafePUPIL Webinar, Tim Ammons - Vice President, School Bus Consultants, LLC presented information on School Bus Routing including understanding the drivers of routing efficiency, how to achieve efficiency, responding to circumstances, and measuring performance.

A question and answer period follows the end of each presentation.

School Bus Driver Training Programs – Talmadge Fries

In our January 2012 SafePUPIL Webinar, Talmadge Fries, Transportation Coordinator for Jenkins County BOE goes over reviewing your current driver training program, your emergency evacuation programs, and the importance of the bus driver in the school district. He goes through their school bus driver training program

A question and answer period follows the end of each presentation.

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